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About Me

After suffering from bulging discs and in and out of Physical Therapy, I finally took the advice my PT’s had been giving me for years and tried Pilates. Not known for my love of fitness, I was shocked when two months later I had completed the entire set of Pilates workouts. I had done 30 minutes of Pilates almost 60 days in a row. But most of all, I didn’t dread it. Instead, I looked forward to my workouts. I didn’t overly sweat. I didn’t hurt my joints. I just felt stronger and had less back pain. I then went on to complete my Pilates Certification through Club Pilates, began teaching, and have loved every minute of it!

I love sharing the life-changing effects of Pilates and can’t wait to see what it can do for you!


My husband, Brad, and I love spending time with our children, being outdoors, and traveling. I am a birth mom, stepmom, and mom. Andrew, my birth son I placed for open adoption, is 26 years old. My step-son, Braden, is 13 years old, and my daughter, Scout, is 17 years old. Being a mama to these babies is my greatest gift. I love gardening, growing wildflowers, embroidery, my three-fur babies, and living in the country…far enough from the pulse to feel the peace.